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5 Reasons Why Antivirus Software Leaves You Vulnerable

Antivirus Truths


Antivirus software has been the chosen method of protection for information security assets, for years. When the software conducts their periodic scans and returns a message informing you that all is well, we feel a certain sense of comfort. Antivirus software such as McAfee, Norton and Microsoft Forefront are effective at doing what they do well, but something is still missing.
Here are 5 reasons why your Antivirus software is making you vulnerable.

The antivirus job description is a powerful one. Antivirus software creates a database of malicious software and executable files. The software conducts periodic scans of the computer to determine if software matches the criterion in the database. If there is a match, the software is deemed malicious and is cleaned and removed from the computer. If the software does not match the criteria, it is considered safe and allowed to run on the computer.

Viruses are more innovative than the technology designed to detect them. The goal is to create malware that is unrecognizable to the virus detectors. Threats grow daily, to the point where antivirus software cannot keep up. Antivirus software could update their databases ten times per day and still miss the majority of threats that are being created to circumvent the system. Some Antivirus software packages update their database once per day. This is not effective when you consider the resilience of a hacker or an attacker.

Viruses are big business. While some viruses and malware are developed for the purpose of annoyance and notoriety, other viruses are designed to steal information. A virus can remain dormant on your computer while it collects and transmits your personal/confidential data for identity theft purposes.

Dedication, hackers are dedicated to their job.  Viruses go through quality assurance testing to determine if they can be recognized by Antivirus software. Hackers are dedicated to creating viruses that do their job, without detection. How dedicated is your antivirus software?

Newer not more secure. Information technology is a realm that thrives on change and evolution. The goal of a software company is to have their software available to the public, with the best features in the shortest amount of time. The emphasis is on new, not on security. Information security takes the backseat when designing innovative software and information systems.


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